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Drabble #1 – AKB48 ( AtsuMina )

3 Sep

[A/N: My daughter asked me if I can write an Atsumina Drabble so I made it.]

In Takahashi/Maeda Residence…


Acchan: Nee, Minami… ( > _ >)

Takamina: Hmm? ( . _ . ) *fixing ze TV set*

Acchan: Let’s do THAT. ( > . < )

Takamina: HAH!? Can’t you see that I’m busy fixing the TV set cuz’ you threw the Icecream here?! ( *> _ >)

Acchan: Argh! Whatever Minami! I’ll make you crave for me! ( *> . >)

Takamina: Oyea! Make me! *focuses on fixing back the TV* ( *> _ >)

Acchan: Hmph!


Takamina: Knew it… I need to buy a new one. ( – _ -’ )

Acchan: *licks something* Umph… *moans*

Takamina: *gulp* W-what the…! *looks at Acchan*

Acchan: *still licking the Icecream* Umph… So long…

Takamina: *feels wet* A-acchan… Stop… You’re giving me the feels… DX

Acchan: *stops licking* Hmm? What’s wrong, Minami? ( . _ . ) (HAHA! I SHALL MAKE YOU SUFFER! >:D)

Takamina: *tempted* (Gahd… It tempts me to do it with her… W-what should I do!? OTL) A-acchan… I wonder if you would want to… You know… ( >///> )

Acchan: To what, Minami? *continues licking ze icecream* (Surrender! >:D)

Takamina: To… Uhm… Uhh… ( >///> ) Ahh…

Acchan: To what? >:3 *still licking ze icecream*

Takamina: ARGH! Whatever! *pushes Acchan to ze bed* I want to do it right now! D::D

Takamina: B-bait? ( .///. ) *remembers* (‘I’ll make you crave for me!’ ‘Oyea! Make me!’) … Oh shit… DX

Acchan: RAWR! *attacks*




One Shot #1 – AKB48 / SKE48 / NMB48 ( SayaMilky )「恋愛被害届け」

2 Sep

恋愛被害届け – Love Damage Report

??? POV…

‘I-is that her…? I gotta make sure… I have to ask her…’ I thought as I looked at her back.

“W-wait, Miss!” I said as I ran whilst trying to call her. 

A few inches more… Just a few inches more-


Normal POV…

Koyanagi General Hospital… 

A skinny man in his early 20s woke up inside a Hospital ward. The hospital ward was filled with advance mechanisms that are not of the 21st century. The man was a known musician, having his own music label. He is also known as a womanizer who made many girls cry and sadly… take their own lives.

He had no recollections on how he ended up in the hospital. Oblivious to what happened to him, he asked the nearby skinny-looking doctor who had the name Koyanagi Arii on his nameplate. “Excuse me sir… Why am I here?”

“You were hit by a car, sir. The detectives will arrive any minute now to tell you about the incident.” The doctor replied.

Sai POV…

‘I was hit by a car…? All I remember is following a- Okay… My womanizing side almost killed me.’ Truth be told, I was following somebody whom I thought was my childhood friend. I haven’t seen her since Junior High School but I bet she’s a beautiful chick by now. Now why am I searching for her? The answer is… It’s because I have fallen in love with her long time ago… But she suddenly left me…

While I was thinking about it, 2 detectives arrived. Both of them looked fresh from college. One of them looked like a rebel with the touch of perversion. The other, a timid and innocent-looking guy.

“Yamamoto-san, we checked your memories and found that the moment of the incident to be corrupted or otherwise forgotten in your brain.” said the timid-looking detective.

“Yeah, yeah… But we found some data about the people who were with you on the day of your accident.” Said the pervert-looking one in a bored tune.

It seems he’s not even interested in the case but on those people who were with me on the day of the incident. In actuality, the people who were with me on the day of the incident are. All. GIRLS. I can see his hidden motive.

“We believe we can find the culprit of your accident using that time span for we think that the culprit is somebody you encountered these past few days.” Said the timid one.

“Mind if you introduce yourselves?” I asked. The author’s getting tired writing some awful descriptions.

“Kinoshita Momoshiro’s the name. This buddy of mine is Tanigawa Akihiro.” the perverted looking detective answered.

“Now that we’ve been acquainted to each other… What move would you suggest, detectives?” I asked with curiosity. Well, obviously, they’ll need me to identify the culprit, right?

“We had already contacted the people who were seen in your memories. Tomorrow, we can examine them to see if one of them could be the culprit. Of course, we need cooperation from your memories for your brain had forgotten about the incident. I hope your memories recover and you remember how the culprit looks like. Well, that’s about it. I’ll see you tomorrow in the Police Office.” Detective Momoshiro answered then left with his pal.

Yeah right. You just wanted to mingle with the ladies.’ I thought as I watched them leave the room.

Tomorrow Afternoon…

Normal POV… 

When the clock struck 12, the interrogations began. First, 6 ladies entered the room as the first batch of people who are going to be interrogated.

The first batch of women to be interrogated are as follows: a 15 year old Middle Schooler named Kinoshita Haruna WHO IS NOT ON ANYWAY RELATED TO THE PERVERTED DETECTIVE, a 20 year old Coffee Shop Waitress named Fukumoto Aina, a 20 year old College Student named Watanabe Miyuki, Sai’s personal Doctor named Yamada Nana (aged 21), a 16 year old Senior High School student named Yagura Fuuko and a 20 year old Fresh College Graduate named Yamaguchi Yuuki.

“These are the first 6 people we saw in your memory. Have your memories about the incident returned yet?” asked Detective Momoshiro.

Puzzled and confused, Sai answered, “S-sorry detective… But I still don’t remember…”

“Ok… Let’s start the investigation. Kinoshita, step forward.” Said the perverted detective to the Middle Schooler.

‘Great. My mom thought I used a car to hit this guy. Just Great. I don’t even know how to drive a freaking car. Argh.’ The Girl thought then stepped forward without any signs of malice.

“Do you remember her?” asked the detective.


Sai was walking towards the pedestrian lane when he saw the middle schooler on a bike. Kinoshita Haruna then bowed slightly then pedaled away.

End of Flashback…

Still confused, Sai answered, “Uhm… I really don’t know…”

“Step back.” The detective said as he called the next person.

“Fukumoto, step forward.”

‘I just spilt some coffee… Why am I included as a suspect?’ Fukumoto Aina the waitress thought then stepped forward.

“What about her?” the timid detective asked. Sai looked at her carefully then remembered what happened…


As the waitress puts the coffee to his table, the platter made the coffee spill, making it spread through the table even reaching Sai’s pants.

“Oh my goodness, I’m sorry sir! I didn’t mean it! I’ll just clean this mess, sir. I’m really sorry!” the Waitress said as she wiped the coffee off the table using the cloth in her hand.

End of Flashback…

The waitress was then asked to step back.

The College Student was in deep thought while waiting for her call.

Watanabe Miyuki, the College Student was then asked to step forward. An order which the girl followed.


While Sai was walking on the streets, a girl bumped to her. The girl then dropped something. It was a booklet. He went closer to pick it up when a hand crossed his. It was Watanabe Miyuki’s hand. The girl then looked at him intently, retreated back then hurriedly bid her farewell. 

End of Flashback…

The College student then stepped back. Yamada Nana, his personal doctor, then stepped forward.


Earlier that day, Sai was scheduled for a check-up with his Personal Doctor, Yamada Nana. 

“Move forward so I can reach your forehead.” she told him kindly. When his forehead was within her reach, she touched his forehead. “Hmm… I told you to be careful with all those medicines. And I also noticed that you drank an Ecstasy pill today.” She then let out a sigh. 

Sai then unbuttoned his shirt so the Doctor can observe his heartbeat.

She then used her stethoscope to observe Sai’s heartbeat. “”Your heartbeat is normal.”  she told him.

“Thanks, doc.” Sai replied while buttoning his shirt back.

“I’ll let you go this time but the next time you drink one, I’m going to punish you.” the female doctor said kindly.

Yes, doc.” Sai replied without any second thoughts. Well… HE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT SERIOUSLY.

What he never knew is that the Doctor was secretly in love with him. 

End of Flashback…

The doctor then stepped back. The timid Senior High School Student, Yagura Fuuko, then stepped forward.


Yagura Fuuko was walking across the streets holding a navigation map. She realized she was lost and she saw Sai walking so she asked, “Sir, where is the famous Osaka Gakuen?”

Ah, there.” Sai pointed the place using the map then told her the directions.

“Thank you, sir.” the girl said then smiled at him before she went away.

End of Flashback…

The Senior High School student then stepped back whilst the Fresh College Graduate stepped forward.

“Oh. She gives me the boobs… Don’t you think, Akihiro?” Detective Momoshiro asked his colleague.


Sai was strolling with sheer boredom when he heard somebody asking for help.

“Ouch… This high heels really suck when you step on a manhole… Somebody help?” a distressed Yamaguchi Yuuki said, asking for help. 

Sai carried her to a nearby cafe then bandaged her feet which earned him a small thank you from the fresh college graduate.

End of Flashback…

“So… Are your memories back?” asked the perverted Detective.

“Sadly… No.” replied a more confused Sai.

And thus, the 6 girls were interrogated. But after the interrogations, it only earned them a ‘No, I didn’t do it.’ from them.

The Police then called the 2nd (also the last) batch of suspected women.

On a Separate Room…

“Geez… Why are we called here?” wondered the Waitress.

“The Careless Womanizing Idiot thought we are culprits to his Accident.” said Sai’s Personal Doctor.

Meanwhile, the College Student was still deep in thought. She was thinking about someone who had hurt her too much in the past. Someone who had left her heart beyond repair.

“Hmm… I think I might’ve seen him somewhere…” The Fresh College Graduate said.

“He’s a known musician here, fyi.” Yamada Nana the Doctor said.

I think I might’ve seen him years ago…” said Miyuki while looking at her Smart phone.

“Mom, I told you for the 50th time… I’M NOT THE KILLER!” Kinoshita Haruna said to the person on the other line of the Phone Call.

“U-uhm… Could you please keep quiet…? The guards are kinda annoyed at us right now…” said Yagura Fuuko averting the annoyed gazes of the Guards.

“Oh sorry. Mom, you’ll give me 100,000 yen if I’m innocent in this case, you hear me?” said Haruna as she hung up the phone.

Back to the Interrogation room…

The 2nd batch of suspected people are as follows: An 18 year old Pizza Delivery Girl named Kawakami Rena who had a sharper chin than Sai, a 16 year old Junior High School Student named Muro Kanako, a 20 year old biker named Shimada Rena, an 18 year old Grocer named Mita Mao, a 15 year old Junior High School Student named Kurokawa Hazuki and an 18 year old Senior High School Student named Hikawa Ayame.

The detectives then asked the Pizza Delivery Girl to move forward.


Sai returned to his apartment. He then called for a Pizza Delivery. It was so hot that afternoon so he took a quick shower. After a few minutes of waiting, the doorbell rang.

“Pizza Delivery!” shouted the Pizza Delivery Girl.

“Wait a sec!” Sai answered as he rushed to the door wearing only his towel. He then opened the door letting the girl in. 

“Pizza Deliver-” Unable to finish her sentence she gasped in amazement.

“What’s wrong?” Sai asked unaware of what the girl is thinking. 

“U-uhm… Nice… Towel? Uhm…”

“Thanks?” He answered back. 


It was a moment of silence.

“Anyways, here’s your pizza! Yeah!” The girl then gave him what he ordered, 2 boxes of Hawaiian Pizza. Even though he claims to be a vegetarian, his craving for meat hasn’t been suppressed at all.

“Thanks again. Here’s the payment.” he then gave her 3,000 yen.

“Ok… I’ll just get the-“  

“No, keep the change.” 

“Thanks, sir.” the Girl left with a smile on her face.

End of Flashback…

“Not her, huh?” The perverted detective sighed in dismay. “Muro, forward.” The rebellious looking Junior High School student then stepped forward.


It was a rainy evening when Sai decided to go out to buy some things on the nearest Department Store.

He then saw a Junior High School Student deciding whether she should adopt the lone kitten or not.

Muro Kanako, who just became aware of Sai’s presence, then picked up the kitty and looked at Sai. She then rushed away with the cat.

End of Flashback…

“Still no recollections?” asked the now getting annoyed Perverted Detective. 

“Y-yeah…” said Sai as he clutches his now hurting head.

“Ok, next.” said the Detective. “Shimada, forward.” The vertically challenged Biker then stepped forward.


Hours before he met the Pizza Delivery GirlSai was crossing the streets when a huge bike almost hit him.

The bike then stopped a meter behind him. The biker then removed the helmet which revealed a Rebellious College Graduate.

“Hey you! I don’t know what you’re planning in your life and I don’t even give a damn but if you repeat this again, I’ll really use this bike to run over you.” She said almost scaring the life out of Sai. 

“I’m really sorry.” Sai replied.

“Well, unless you do me THAT favor.” She winked then wore back her Helmet and drove away.

End of Flashback…

“I’m getting bored in this. Move back. Mita, forward.” said the bored detective.

“Uhm… Allow me to substitute instead, Momoshiro-san.” said Tanigawa, his colleague.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll take a break.” said the Perverted Detective as he walked out to get a breather.

Mita then moved forward.

“Have you remembered something about the accident, Yamamoto-san?” asked Tanigawa.

Meanwhile in the Separate Room…

“Say, could you tell us about that guy earlier?” asked Haruna.

“Well, that guy is obviously my client. He had this one-sided love over a girl he can’t even remember. And it hurts me!” said Nana.

“A girl he can’t remember…?” thought Miyuki. “Could he be…?” Miyuki muttered.


10 years ago…

“I’m in love with you, Watanabe-san.” said a skinny guy to Miyuki.

“I… I love you too but… We’re still young…” answered Miyuki.

“Then I’ll work hard until the right time comes, Miyuki. And when that time comes, I shall ask for your hand.” he said then kissed Miyuki on her lips. It was… Her first kiss. 

She was really happy on the kiss she received.She then went out with the guy secretly. They were too happy until a tragic day came.

That day, she received a letter that ordered her to go to the School’s Dumps. She then saw the guy she loved, kissed by another girl. She was so hurt that she immediately asked for a School transfer. She never met the guy since that day ever since. She tried forgetting him. And she succeeded.

End of Flashback…

“Are you alright, Miss?” asked Aina.

“Oh yes! I’m alright! Thanks for asking.” answered Miyuki.


Later that evening, he reached the Department Store. He then grabbed some beer cans then went directly to the timid-looking Grocer in the Cashier.

“T-that’ll be 1,500 yen.” said Mita Mao.

“Here.” Sai said as he handed her down 1,500 yen.

The Grocer then smiled and said, “Come back again, sir!”

End of Flashback…

“Hmm…? Yamamoto-san?” asked Tanigawa whilst seeing Sai clutching his hurting head in pain.

Sai POV…

‘I have to remember her…’ I said while clutching my hurting head.

Remembering the last 6 suspects a while ago… My head became more confused as to who the criminal is. 

“I’m fine. Call the next suspect.” I told Tanigawa-san.

“Ok. Move back, Mita. Step forward, Kurokawa.” Tanigawa said dilly-dallying.

The innocent-looking Middle Schooler then stepped forward.


It was almost noon when I walked out of a Cafe. I then saw an innocent girl eating some kind of bread. She had a few of those cream on her face so I went near her then wiped it off.

“T-thanks, Mister!” she bubbly said as I walked away.

End of Flashback…

“What about now, sir?” Tanigawa asked.

“Still no good.” I answered.

“Hikawa, step forward.” Tanigawa said whilst the Charitable Senior High School Student stepped forward.

‘It’s call coming into pieces… A few more time is  all I need.’ I thought as the girl stepped forward.


“Guys, Happy HUGS day! Come here for your free hug!” said the girl holding a Cartolina which had a ‘FREE HUGS’ written on it. The girl, thinking that I was walking near her, ran to me then gave me a free hug.  

“T-thanks.” I said as a reply to her hug which actually came with a kiss on my left cheek.

End of Flashback…

“All of you, leave the room.” said Tanigawa worryingly. “In this pace, we’ll never know the identity of the culprit.” he further said.

As I looked at the shoes of the all the leaving 2nd batch of suspects, a certain shoe was remembered in my head. It then triggered a lost part of my memories…


I was walking  on the streets when a girl bumped to me… Seeing her face in full detail, it made me wonder if she was the girl I met… She dropped a booklet. I went closer to pick it up when her hand crossed mine. She then looked at me intently, retreated back then bid her farewell. 

‘I-is that her…? I gotta make sure… I have to ask her…’ I thought as I looked at her back. 

“W-wait, Miss!” I said as I ran whilst trying to call her.  

A few inches more… Just a few inches more-


A car had hit me.

Nearing the state of unconsciousness, I saw a pair of shoes walking away from me… The pair of shoes walking away from me seemed familiar… 

Oh yeah… it was the shoes of the College Student.

End of Flashback…

I unknowingly fell asleep. When I woke up, I immediately asked Detective Tanigawa about their location.

“The girls who were interrogated, you say? They were discharged by Detective Momoshiro.” he answered.

“W-what!? U-uhm… Could you tell me the address of that College Student in the 1st batch instead?!” I asked hurriedly. I can’t let her get away from me this time!

“Oh, planning to court her, aren’t you?” Detective Momoshiro said, appearing behind me.

“N-no… I need to ask her something.” I answered. “P-please! Tell me!”

“Ok. Ok. Here.” Detective Momoshiro said then gave me a piece of paper containing her address.

“I told you! Now hand over the 100,000 Yen!” said Kinoshita Haruna to her Mom.

“Geez… Alright, alright…” Haruna’s Mom then went to the Perverted Detective. “Momo-kun, give your daughter 100,000 Yen.”

“Oi, Kanakichi! I don’t have that amount of money!” said the Detective. Trying my best to leave without making noise, I went out and left the poor Detective to suffer.

Normal POV…

Later that Evening…

Watanabe Residence…

“How was the interrogation?” asked Miyuki’s father.

“It went fine but… The victim looked familiar to me, Father.” Miyuki answered.

“Then maybe you met him years ago?” said her Father.

Miyuki POV…

Flashback as to what happened on the Accident…

I bumped to a guy when I was rushing to the University. When I looked at his face, it was him… The guy who broke my heart years ago. Due to shock, my booklet dropped. I went to pick it up but he picked it up first making our hands cross one more time after 7 years. I bid my farewell then ran across the street.

He followed me causing an accident. I saw him drenched a bit in blood. I felt it was right for him. He broke my heart, I end his life. I then left without looking back. But inside my heart, I feel guilty even though I killed him years ago in my heart.

End of Flashback…

Normal POV…

Miyuki’s mother then stormed to the Kitchen. “M-miyuki-chan! Somebody’s outside!” her mother said, still tired from all the rushing.

“W-who might that be?” Miyuki asked back.

“A skinny young man.” her Mother answered. “Is he your boyfriend?”

“M-mom! You do know that I don’t have one! And I told you I’ll introduce him to you and Father first!” Miyuki answered.

“Just go out first. I think he needs to see you urgently.” said her Mother.

Outside Watanabe Residence…

Milky then ran out just to see no one waiting for her. She then frowned and turned back. As she was nearing the gate, she heard a familiar voice.

“Remember that day I told you that I’ll ask for your hand when the right time comes?”

This statement made her heart beat faster. She then turned around, just to see the victim earlier. “W-why are you here?” she asked. She didn’t want this to happen though secretly in her heart of hearts, she knows that this is the event that she has been waiting for.

“I came here to ask for your hand. Marry me.” Sai said as he knelt in front of Miyuki.

“I… I don’t love you anymore.” said Miyuki. This was a lie however, for her heart never loved any other man besides him.

“Don’t lie to me. Why did you leave me years ago?” asked Sai.

“You still do not know? Are you kidding?” Miyuki replied.

“Tell me. Why did you have to leave me?” Sai asked further.

“You cheated on me. Now go away.” Miyuki then walked towards the Gate.

“Miyuki!” Sai said as he stopped Miyuki by hugging her from behind. “Don’t go… I love you.  I didn’t cheat on you.”

“Don’t take me for a fool. You were kissing that girl near the Dumps!” Miyuki said as she struggled to free herself from Sai’s embrace.

“No. I’m not letting you go! You don’t understand! I pushed her away when she kissed me! Now please… Give me one more chance, Miyuki!” Sai said still hugging Miyuki.

“LET ME GO!” Miyuki finally escaped his embrace then ran inside and closed the Gate.

“I’m willing to do anything to make you forgive me!” Sai said then waited outside Miyuki’s house.

Inside Watanabe Residence…

“Miyuki, do you know him?” asked her father.

“H-he was my first boyfriend…” Miyuki said the truth.

“Sigh… I knew about this.” Miyuki’s Mom said.


A heavy rain fell.


Sai, who brought no umbrella suffered the rain. He thought, ‘Is this punishment enough to make her forgive me? Why did I have to suffer this much just for a misunderstood incident?’

Flashback on what really happened on the Dumps…

Sai went to the Dumps because of a note that he received on his locker. It read:

Dear Sai,

Please go to the Dumps later. I have something to tell you about Miyuki.


Sai then went to the Dumps, unaware that everything was a trap.

On the Dumps…

Sai saw a girl from the other Class. “What were you going to tell me?” he asked.

“This.” the girl then kissed Sai.

End of Flashback…

Inside Watanabe Residence…

“Miyuki-chan, forgive him already. It’s raining hard outside. Unless you want him to die.” her Mother said, trying to convince her.

“He’ll eventually go home, Mom.” Miyuki said. “I’m going to sleep. Good night, Mom.” she said then went upstairs.

“She’ll be taking him in before we know it.” Miyuki’s Father said.

“Yeah. Miyuki-chan is such a tsundere.” said her Mom then went back to the Dining Room.

Miyuki’s Room…

1 hour later…

Miyuki, worried, peeked into her window. She then saw that the guy is still there. Standing as if he’s only waiting for his date. “He’s still there?” she said then went back to her bed.

4 hours later…

Miyuki peeked again still seeing Sai standing by the Gate. She then felt guilty and worried. She then sneaked downstairs only to see her Mom waiting by the door, holding an umbrella and towel.

“M-mom? How did you-”

“I raised you so I know well you by now.” Her Mom answered.

Somebody then hit her head lightly. It was her Dad. “Come on, don’t make him wait. He’s injured.”

“Yes, Dad.” She then went outside the Gate only to see the guy lifeless. “S-sai… Wake up… Don’t leave me! I’m sorry I made you wait with this rain…!”

The guy then woke up. “Oh sorry… I’m really sorry…”

“S-speak no more… Go inside with me, Sai.” Miyuki said then took him inside the house.

After a few months of Sai’s rehabilitation for his legs, Miyuki and Sai got married. And had kids. This is the story of a couple, who had a Love’s Damage Report.



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