Drabble #6 – AKB48 / SKE48 / NMB48 / SNH48 ( SaeYuki )

2 May

Amara Bilqis’s SaeYuki drabble request…

“Her side, My side…”

Yuki side…

Yuki: *stalks Sae* >///>

Sae: *looks for someone* – _ – *sigh* She’s not here, eh? – ___ –

Yuki: (Is she looking for Mayuyu?) o_o … (I knew it. She’s in love with Mayuyu. Meaning… I can’t confess whatever I’m feeling for her. It’ll destroy my friendship with Mayuyu…) OTL

Sae side…

Sae: *looks for someone* – _ – *sigh* She’s not here, eh? – ___ – (How can I confess to Yuki now? >/// . >

Sae: I’m gonna tell her the truth. *gulps* >///>

Yuki side…

Sae: I’m gonna tell her the truth. *gulps* > . >

Yuki: (Tell me about her relationship with Mayuyu? I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance against Mayuyu in terms of beauty…) Sigh… I’m just… Gonna go home now to soothe my broken heart… *on the verge of tears* ; _ ;

Paruru: *sees Yuki* Yukirin-senpai, Sae was looking for you. o_o

Yuki: I know. They’re gonna tell me something bout their relationship. – -‘

Paruru: Huh? Are you sure? What I heard was quite… (REALLY DIFFERENT, YUKIRIN-SENPAI. ==’ ) different from what you heard. o_o

Yuki: Then what is it all about? = =

Paruru: Don’t ask. *sigh* (Why are my senpais all blockheads? = = ) *pushes Yuki to the room where Mayu and Sae is* – . –

Mayu: *sees Yuki* UWO~ MAMARIN~!

Paruru: Mayuyu-senpai, Aki-P wants to talk to us. ^^

Mayu: Oh… Bye, Mamarin! Be careful with that Pimp! *leaves with Paruru*

-A moment of silence…-

Yuki: So… What were you… Going to tell me? >///>

Sae: Yuki… I… >///>

Yuki: (I know I’ll only drown in the Friendone after this but…) Oh yeah… I also wanted to tell you something… >///>

Sae: I see… Then you go first! >///>

Yuki: No, you go first! >///>

Sae: AH! I KNOW! Let’s just say it in the same time!

Yuki: *looking at Sae’s smiling face* O///O … > . > U-ugh… Y-yeah…

Sae: Se~no!

Sae: Yuki…

Yuki: S-sae…

Sae and Yuki: I LOVE YOU! >//////> U-un…

Sae: *kisses Yuki*

Yuki: O///O


Yuki: I love you too… ^///^




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