Drabble #13 – SKE48 (RenAirin)

22 Mar

Somewhere in Nagoya…

Airin *carrying heavy equipment* GUUUUU! SO HEAVYYYYYYY! DX

Rena: Want me to lend you a hand? o.o

Airin: S-sure, Matsui-senpai! > . <

Rena: Ja, call me Rena first. ^_^

Airin: E-eh!? :o (S-she’s allowing me to drop the honorifics!? KAMI-SAMA… YOU REALLY DO LOVE MEEEEEE~! <3 )

Rena: Hmm? O . O

Airin: N-nothing, Rena-senpai. ^^’

Rena: I said… Call me Rena. Dun add the ’-senpai’. :D

Airin: B-but! DX

Rena: How about this? Every time you call me with the honorifics, I’ll add a load to what you’re carrying right now. 3:)

Airin: DX R-rena-san, don’t-

Rena: ’-san’? Did I hear it correctly? o . o *innocent look while adding a heavy load of random things*

Airin: R-rena-dono, stop it! DX

Rena: ’-dono’ seems cliche to me. *pouts while adding a load* o . o

Airin: R-rena-han- DX

Rena: *adds a load* o . o

Airin: G-GUUUU… I can’t… C-carry this anymore… DX CHURI! HELP! DX

Churi: Ok! *walks nearer* o . o

Rena: *glares at Churi* > . >+

Churi: O-OH! :o K-kanon-chan! I’m gonna help you with homework! Sorry, Airin! DX *runs away*

Airin: CHURI, YOU M@#$%^ F!@#$%^G TRAITOR! DX

Rena: Airin-chan, you only need to say one word and I’ll help you with all those. ^_^

Nishishi and Yuria: = =‘l| (Rena… You’re an Akuma… A really scary one at that…)

Airin: C-can’t… UGH! DX *drops all the loads accidentally* W-WHOA OH… WHOA! DX

*Airin accidentally kisses Rena*

Airin: O///O

Rena: o/////o!

Other SKE members: :o *jawdrop*



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