Drabble #18 – AKB48 (AtsuMina)

22 Mar

Inside le Train…

Takamina: *seated on the last chair in the tramcar* Before I could even confess, she’s already dumped me… Sigh… – . –

Announcer: NEXT STATION, *censored*

Takamina: – . – 1 Station more and I’m gonna-

Acchan: *enters tramcar* Sigh… – . – *sees Takamina* Minami! O . O!

Takamina: Atsuko… o _ o

Acchan: *sits beside Minami* Say, how’s AKB without me?

Takamina: Well… Some problems but it’s working. – . – … How’s your career? > . >

Acchan: Not that good but I’m trying my best to be recognized. ^_^

Takamina: I see… – . – (Time to ask the question… Hope she doesn’t mind. > . <) *gulps* Say… > . >

Acchan: Hmm? Let’s see… … – . – *sigh* To be honest…

Takamina: Hmm? o _ o

Acchan: Takamina… I gotta be honest with you… *gulps* > . <

Takamina: Okay… o _ o (Goodness, it’s making me nervous… DX)

Acchan: My boyfriend and I aren’t really lovers. > . < We just did that so I can make you jealous… :(

Takamina: H-heh…? o_o A-and why is that?

Acchan: It’s because… I love you. >///<

Takamina: O///O A-atsuko…

Acchan: Please don’t be mad at me. >///<

Takamina: – . – *sigh* Atsuko, look at me.

Acchan: *looks at Takamina* o . o

Takamina: Suki. ^_^ *kisses Acchan*



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