Drabble #20 – AKB48 / NMB48 (Annin x Mirurun)

24 Mar

After Mirurun’s birthday Kouen…

AKB48 Theater…

Annin: Her kouen is over now, I think… And I didn’t have the chance to go to her Seitansai… Why did our Kouen have to be on the same time as her Seitansai? = = Sigh… Gonna call her then. – . – *calls Mirurun*

NMB48 Theater…

Mirurun: *hears her phone ringing* o . o *sees that the caller is Annin* Annin! :D *answers call* Hello? ^_^

Annin (voice): Mirurun, happy birthday! :D Sorry, for not going to your seitansai… :(

Mirurun: No, it’s alright, Annin… :) Your letter… Is more than enough to make me happy today. Thank you. I love you, Annin! :D

Annin: o///o A-ah… I… I love you too… ^///^ (If I could just tell you that I love you more than a friend… > . >)

Mirurun: Say… Are you available tomorrow? I wanna have a friendly date with Annin! ^_^

Annin: D-date? O-ok! :D (Would’ve been better if you hadn’t said the ‘friendly’ part… > . >)

Mirurun: See you tomorrow. ^_^

Annin: Yeah, see ya! :D

Eggs and Things… (Namba Branch, of course. :v )

Annin: Hmm… You have studying problems? .__.

Mirurun: Un… :/

Annin: Sigh… I’ll teach you then. – . –

Mirurun: Thank you, Annin! > . < *hugs Annin*

Annin: .///. Mirurun-chan…

Mirurun: Oh yeah, by the way! How’re things between you and that person you like? ^_^ Is he cool, tall or something? :)

Annin: T-that… U-uhm… To tell you the truth… > . >

Mirurun: Hmm? .__.

Annin: Mirurun… I love you. >///< (I wonder what’ll be her reaction… Would she hate me…? :( )

Mirurun: *totally got the wrong idea* Eh? Ja… Annin, I love you too! :D

Annin: E-eh~!? o///o!

Mirurun: But please… Don’t joke around! *pouts* Tell me about that cute guy you like! :/

Annin: (Machigaeta… OTL) U-uhh… Ahahahaha… Never mind it. He’s too dense to know. ^^’



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