Drabble #21 – HKT48 / AKB48 (RabuHaruppi)

24 Mar

When Haruppi danso-ed…

Lovetan: *sees Haruppi* o///o (Ka… Kakkoii…)

Haruppi: *sees Lovetan* Lovetan-senpai? o . o *comes closer to Lovetan*

Lovetan: S-STAY PUT! D-DUN COME NEAR ME! >///>

Haruppi: Nee, Sakura, what’s wrong with Aika-senpai? o.O

Sakuratan: *looks at Lovetan* Hmm… o . o Chori, what do you think?

Chori: Heh… :3 *whispers to Haruppi: Tease the tsuntsun.*

Haruppi: U-un… B-but how? ._.

Chori: *whispers: Pretend to be the flirty type.* :3

Haruppi: F-FLIRTY!? B-but- DX

Chori: No buts. :3

Haruppi: Hai… :/ *comes near Lovetan*

Lovetan: W-what do you want!? DX

Haruppi: *gulps* (Here goes nothing… > . <) H-hey… Wanna hang out? ;)

Lovetan: H-huh? D:< Hang out where?

Haruppi: Where? It’s simple. The only place for just the two of us… ;)

Lovetan: *faints* X . X

Chori: Operation Tsundere Successful. :3

Sakuratan: *hits Chori* Before that, at least bring Aika-senpai to the clinic. :/


Lovetan: *wakes up* > . < … o_o *sees Haruppi*

Haruppi: A-aika-senpai… Gomennasai! I’ll do anything you want! m(_ _)m

Lovetan: Jaa… Say that you love me. :3

Haruppi: You love me! > . <

Lovetan: Sigh… Whatever. *kisses Haruppi’s left cheek* I’m fine now. Thanks. ^_^

Haruppi: A… Arigatou… o.o



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