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Drabble #19 – AKB48 (AtsuYuu)

22 Mar


Yuuko: Boring day… Somebody please take me nau… = =

*Acchan enters Cakeshop*

Yuuko: Acchan, hisashiburi! O_O!

Acchan: Yuuko-chan, how’re you? ^_^

Yuuko: Bored. – _____ – And you? > . >

Acchan: Hungry. – __________________ –


Acchan: Food first before career. :3

Yuuko: XD HAHAHAHA… Sigh… You know what? I miss you. :)

Acchan: Miss me? o _ o In the theater or something?

Yuuko: Nah. I miss you… Your everything! :)

Acchan: I miss you too Yuuko but… I have a boyfriend now… :(

Yuuko: Can’t we just be back to what we were when we’re still lovers…? > . >

Acchan: Many things had changed Yuuko. That includes our relationship to each other… :(

Yuuko: I see… I… I got to go… > . > *stands up*

Acchan: Y-yuuko! W-wait… :(

Yuuko: What is it? > . >

Acchan: I’m still in love with you… :(

Yuuko: A-acchan… :/

Acchan: I… I got to go… > _ < *runs away*

Yuuko: Acchan… :(



Drabble #18 – AKB48 (AtsuMina)

22 Mar

Inside le Train…

Takamina: *seated on the last chair in the tramcar* Before I could even confess, she’s already dumped me… Sigh… – . –

Announcer: NEXT STATION, *censored*

Takamina: – . – 1 Station more and I’m gonna-

Acchan: *enters tramcar* Sigh… – . – *sees Takamina* Minami! O . O!

Takamina: Atsuko… o _ o

Acchan: *sits beside Minami* Say, how’s AKB without me?

Takamina: Well… Some problems but it’s working. – . – … How’s your career? > . >

Acchan: Not that good but I’m trying my best to be recognized. ^_^

Takamina: I see… – . – (Time to ask the question… Hope she doesn’t mind. > . <) *gulps* Say… > . >

Acchan: Hmm? Let’s see… … – . – *sigh* To be honest…

Takamina: Hmm? o _ o

Acchan: Takamina… I gotta be honest with you… *gulps* > . <

Takamina: Okay… o _ o (Goodness, it’s making me nervous… DX)

Acchan: My boyfriend and I aren’t really lovers. > . < We just did that so I can make you jealous… :(

Takamina: H-heh…? o_o A-and why is that?

Acchan: It’s because… I love you. >///<

Takamina: O///O A-atsuko…

Acchan: Please don’t be mad at me. >///<

Takamina: – . – *sigh* Atsuko, look at me.

Acchan: *looks at Takamina* o . o

Takamina: Suki. ^_^ *kisses Acchan*


Drabble #17 – AKB48 (AtsuMina)

22 Mar

Ending of Majisuka Gakuen 2…

Acchan: *goes inside le car* > . >

Takamina: *goes inside le car too* – . – *closes the door*

*Car moves away*

-Moment of Silence…-

Takamina: Say… Why did you do all that? > . >

Acchan: *silent* > . >

Takamina: Answer me- Hmm…? > . > *notices that the car is going the wrong way* Driver, why are we going to a Love Motel?

Driver: *faces Takamina*  *was actually Yuuko*

Takamina: You! Aren’t you the previous Teppen of Rappappa!?

Yuuko: Sorry, midget. I was commanded to do this.

Acchan: You’re mine now, Inspector.



Drabble #16 – AKB48 (AtsuMina)

22 Mar

2 years ago…

Takamina: *sees Acchan* > . > (I love her. I dunno how she thinks of me. I wanna confess but that would just destroy our relationship, no?)

Acchan: *notices Takamina looking at her* What is it, Minami? o_o (That stare… It turns me on… alright…  )

Takamina: N-nothing… > . > *looks away*

Miichan: *massages Takamina’s back* Oh come on, Takamini! MAN up and tell her! You gotta be a MAN, Takamina. You’re 20 years old… AND COUNTING! XD

Takamina: Why do you keep on emphasizing the ‘MAN’ word? = =*

Miichan: You’re a guy, right?

Takamina: *hits Miichan* = =* I am a 20 year old female, for your information.

Acchan: *goes near Takamina* Say, Minami… Are you free later at 6?

Takamina: Y-yeah… Why ask? o_O

Acchan: N-nothing. I just wanted to have dinner with you tonight.

Takamina: O_o Okay. I’ll drop by your house at-

Acchan: (HOUSE!? That’d be better! I can keep her for myself that way!  ) W-wait! > . < I changed my mind. I’ll cook dinner for you tonight so let’s have dinner at my place.

Takamina: O…Okay…

Maeda Residence…

Takamina: *presses le doorbell* o.o

Acchan: COMING! *opens door* Thanks for granting my selfish request, Minami!

Takamina: Ojamashima~su! > . > *enters house*

Le Dining room…

Acchan: *serves Takamina’s food* Here.

Takamina: *eats food* UWA~! Tasty!

Acchan: Thanks!  (The drug should take effect in 3, 2… 1.  )

Takamina: > _ < *feels dizzy* Atsuko… I feel… Ugh… *faints*


Takamina: *wakes up* Hmm! O _ O!! *tied up on Atsuko’s bed* A… Atsuko… Why are you naked? DX

Acchan: Let the fun begin…



Drabble #14 – AKB48 (AtsuYuu)

22 Mar

Oshima Residence…

Yuuko: *sees Acchan* Oh, Acchan! Why are you here? o_o

Acchan: Just taking a visit. So how’s AKB? ^_^

Yuuko: Well… Sasshi’s got the number 1 spot last elections- :/

Acchan: I knew that. – . –

Yuuko: Oh. o.o Then, we had a olympics and I was the MV-

Acchan: I also knew that. – . –

Yuuko: :/ That Kojipa was the center for Hea-

Acchan: Knew that. – . –

Yuuko: That Mariko is 200kg-

Acchan: *hits Yuuko* = =’

Yuuko: LOL. Thought I can fool you. XD Then what do you wanna know? > . >

Acchan: If your oppai got bigger. :3

Yuuko: So you went all the trouble to go here… Just to ask about my oppai? ._.

Acchan: Yeap. :3

Yuuko: I knew you were a pervert but I never thought you had a thing for perverts like me. > . >

Acchan: Haha. You’ll never know… :3

Yuuko: So who do you like more…? Me or that boyfriend of yours? :3

Atsuko: Of course it’s you over that guy. :3

Yuuko: Now that it’s settled… Raping time. :3

Atsuko: I’m not an easy opponent, Yuuko. :3



Drabble #2 – AKB48 ( AtsuMina )

2 May

AKB48 Theater…

Takamina: *sigh* I feel lazy… ( – ___ – )

Togasaki: Need a break? I can ask the management for you. :/

Takamina: Nah. I’m just… stressed. It’ll be gone soon. ( – ___ – )

Togasaki: *massages Takamina’s right shoulder while texting someone* Don’t worry, I’m asking the management to grant you a vacation leave. ;)

Takamina: Thanks, Togasaki-san. *sigh* -_________-

Togasaki: I’ll throw in a surprise companion for you too! :3

Takamina: Surprise companion? ._. Hmm… -___-

On Le Yoshida Airlines…

Takamina: That surprise companion sure is late… -___-

*somebody covers her eyes*

???: DA~RE DA? :3

Takamina: This sickeningly familiar voice… =_____= ATSUKO?

Acchan: Too easy for you, I guess. *removes hands* Aren’t you happy that I’m with you? :3

Takamina: -______- Not really… It’s just that-

Acchan: We’re going to be late! :D *drags Takamina*

Takamina: Fine… = =

On le Check-in…

Officer: Please put your bags here! ^_^ 

Takamina: *puts bag*

Officer: *sees Acchan and Takamina* Uhm… Miss? *goes to Atsuko* Shouldn’t you be the one carrying your child’s things and not her? o__o

Acchan: Child? o_o *looks at Takamina* OH! NO! She’s my companion! And she’s aged over 20! XD

Takamina: = =

On le Immigration…

Officer: *stamps passport* NEEEEEXT. -_____-

Takamina: *gives her passport* .__.

Officer: Oh, hey young lady! Where’s your mom? ^__________^

Takamina: I’m freaking 22 years old and that girl, *points at Atsuko* is not my freaking Mother. Got that, old man? = =*

Acchan: PFFT! *stops laughter* XD

In le Hotel (After flight)…

Le Check-in Counter…

Hotel Staff: So one bedroom with one bed inside? ._.

Takamina: NO. I said 2. = =

Hotel Staff: *looks at Atsuko* Ma’am, did you and your Child fought each other? o_o



Drabble #1 – AKB48 ( AtsuMina )

3 Sep

[A/N: My daughter asked me if I can write an Atsumina Drabble so I made it.]

In Takahashi/Maeda Residence…


Acchan: Nee, Minami… ( > _ >)

Takamina: Hmm? ( . _ . ) *fixing ze TV set*

Acchan: Let’s do THAT. ( > . < )

Takamina: HAH!? Can’t you see that I’m busy fixing the TV set cuz’ you threw the Icecream here?! ( *> _ >)

Acchan: Argh! Whatever Minami! I’ll make you crave for me! ( *> . >)

Takamina: Oyea! Make me! *focuses on fixing back the TV* ( *> _ >)

Acchan: Hmph!


Takamina: Knew it… I need to buy a new one. ( – _ -’ )

Acchan: *licks something* Umph… *moans*

Takamina: *gulp* W-what the…! *looks at Acchan*

Acchan: *still licking the Icecream* Umph… So long…

Takamina: *feels wet* A-acchan… Stop… You’re giving me the feels… DX

Acchan: *stops licking* Hmm? What’s wrong, Minami? ( . _ . ) (HAHA! I SHALL MAKE YOU SUFFER! >:D)

Takamina: *tempted* (Gahd… It tempts me to do it with her… W-what should I do!? OTL) A-acchan… I wonder if you would want to… You know… ( >///> )

Acchan: To what, Minami? *continues licking ze icecream* (Surrender! >:D)

Takamina: To… Uhm… Uhh… ( >///> ) Ahh…

Acchan: To what? >:3 *still licking ze icecream*

Takamina: ARGH! Whatever! *pushes Acchan to ze bed* I want to do it right now! D::D

Takamina: B-bait? ( .///. ) *remembers* (‘I’ll make you crave for me!’ ‘Oyea! Make me!’) … Oh shit… DX

Acchan: RAWR! *attacks*




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