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Drabble #22 – SKE48 (WMatsui)

24 Mar

Matsui Residence…


Rena: Jurina, go home early! I have a surprise for you. :)

Jurina: Un! I’ll go to work now! ^_^

SKE48 Theater…

Jurina: Time to go home now~! :3

Yukko and Yuria: Jurina! :o /

Jurina: Yes? :3

Yukko: Today is Darth Vade- I mean Suda’s birthday! Come with us~! :D

Jurina: Suda?! SURE! :D

Yuria: Let’s go! XD

3 hours later…
Matsui Residence…

Rena: Still not here? And I told her to go home early… :( M-masaka!? She’s dating somebody else!? DX … I’ll punish you the time you arrive, Matsui Jurina… = =*

An hour later…

*Jurina arrives*

Jurina: R-rena-chan! Gomenne! > . < I forgot my promise to you earlier! > . <

Rena: And why is that? = =* *holding a rope*

Jurina: It was Akarin’s birthday today so I had to go to her party! > . <

Rena: It’s not an excuse. = =* *ties Jurina’s arms*

Jurina: R-rena-chan, what are you doing!? DX

Rena: This is what happens to people who break promises with their girlfriends… = =*





Drabble #13 – SKE48 (RenAirin)

22 Mar

Somewhere in Nagoya…

Airin *carrying heavy equipment* GUUUUU! SO HEAVYYYYYYY! DX

Rena: Want me to lend you a hand? o.o

Airin: S-sure, Matsui-senpai! > . <

Rena: Ja, call me Rena first. ^_^

Airin: E-eh!? :o (S-she’s allowing me to drop the honorifics!? KAMI-SAMA… YOU REALLY DO LOVE MEEEEEE~! <3 )

Rena: Hmm? O . O

Airin: N-nothing, Rena-senpai. ^^’

Rena: I said… Call me Rena. Dun add the ’-senpai’. :D

Airin: B-but! DX

Rena: How about this? Every time you call me with the honorifics, I’ll add a load to what you’re carrying right now. 3:)

Airin: DX R-rena-san, don’t-

Rena: ’-san’? Did I hear it correctly? o . o *innocent look while adding a heavy load of random things*

Airin: R-rena-dono, stop it! DX

Rena: ’-dono’ seems cliche to me. *pouts while adding a load* o . o

Airin: R-rena-han- DX

Rena: *adds a load* o . o

Airin: G-GUUUU… I can’t… C-carry this anymore… DX CHURI! HELP! DX

Churi: Ok! *walks nearer* o . o

Rena: *glares at Churi* > . >+

Churi: O-OH! :o K-kanon-chan! I’m gonna help you with homework! Sorry, Airin! DX *runs away*

Airin: CHURI, YOU M@#$%^ F!@#$%^G TRAITOR! DX

Rena: Airin-chan, you only need to say one word and I’ll help you with all those. ^_^

Nishishi and Yuria: = =‘l| (Rena… You’re an Akuma… A really scary one at that…)

Airin: C-can’t… UGH! DX *drops all the loads accidentally* W-WHOA OH… WHOA! DX

*Airin accidentally kisses Rena*

Airin: O///O

Rena: o/////o!

Other SKE members: :o *jawdrop*


Drabble #11 – AKB48 / SKE48 / 乃木坂46 ( WMatsui )

2 May

SKE48 Theater…

Jurina: Rena-chan~! I wanna kiss you~! > 3 <

Rena: *uses palm to shove Jurina off* = =

Jurina: *holds Rena’s two hands* CHUUUUU~! > 3 <

Rena: *headbutts Jurina* = =*

Jurina: Rena-chan, hidoi yo~! > _ <

Rena: *ignores* = =

Jurina: Whatever! I’ll just kiss other members! *pouts* > _ <

Rena: > . > *looks at Jurina*

Jurina: CHUUUUUU~! > 3 < *kisses Yuria*

Yuria: J-jurina, n-no~! XD

Jurina: I know Yuria want my kissy-kissy~! > 3 <

Yuria: F-fine! XD *kisses Jurina*

Rena: = =****

Jurina: *evil smirk* (She’s jealous now… :3)

Yuria: Jurina? o_o

Jurina: *hugs Yuria* CHUUUUU~! > 3 <

Rena: = =**removes Jurina’s arms from Yuria then drags Jurina to le dark room*

Outside the room…

Yuria: *leaning on le door* > . > *listens to le sounds*

Rena (voice): Jurina… How many times do I have to tell you that you’re mine…?

Jurina (voice): B-but you’re not- OWW! R-rena-chan! Not that! UGH~!

*loud cracking whip sound*

Rena (voice): ‘Rena-chan’ is sooooo okotteru right now, Jurina… I’m gonna torture you so bad you’ll never forget this day… *creepy laugh*

Yuria: O_______O

Nishishi: *passing by* Sigh… Don’t worry, Yuria. You’ll get used to it. ^^’ *pats her back*

Jurina (voice): R-rena-chan, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!



Drabble #8 – SKE48 / NMB48 ( FuruYanagi )

2 May

Furukawa Residence…

Airin: You know what Churi… – w –

Churi: Hmm? o . o *finding le bird feed*

Airin: Many fans have been telling me that we act like an old married couple. ._.

Churi: Huh?! I’m not an old lady! DX

Airin: I know! But they told me about it! DX

Churi: It’s your fault for acting like that to me! DX

Airin: Says the girl who acts like an Obaasan! >:/

Churi: You Sadomasochist! D:<


-Moment of silence…-

Airin: But you what Churi… :)

Churi: Hmm? = =

Airin: I wouldn’t mind growing old with you by my side. :D

Churi: O///O … >///> Baka… Don’t make me blush…


Drabble #7 – AKB48 / SKE48 / NMB48 / SNH48 ( SaeYuki )

2 May

“Sorry, I’m late…”

Somewhere in Tokyo…


Yuki: She is late again, huh? So much for being the Most Understanding Girlfriend. = =

*Sae arrives*

Sae: *pants* ^^’ Yuki-

Yuki: ‘Yuki, sorry, I’m late. I had to do overtime in my Tutoring Part-time job.’ Or was it ‘I overspent so I had to walk because I had no money to pay for the fare’? = =

Sae: *gulps* ^^’ Y-yuki-

Yuki: I’m sick and tired of all your excuses. Sae, let’s break up. = = *leaves*

Sae: Y-yuki… *looks at a box inside her bag*

The next day…

Sae: Yuki, please listen to me! > . <

Yuki: Miyazawa-san, we just broke up yesterday. We are never ever ever getting back together. = = *walks away*

Sae: *follows Yuki* > . < Yuki, yesterday… I was late because I had to-

Yuki: = = Not listening. *turns on her MP3 at max volume*

The next day…

Sae: Yuki, please forgive me! Just let me explain and you’ll understand! > . <

Yuki: Miyazawa… I’ve had enough of your excuses. Leave me alone, will ya? = =

Sae: I… I see… W-well then… S-sorry for bothering you… *leaves*

Yuki: (Ok… What did I just say…? DX)

Mayu: Oops… Looks like your tongue made an error. Good thing I’m a cyborg so I don’t encounter such a problem. 

Yuki: I think it’s for the better. > . >

Mayu: Let’s see about that… 

The next day…

Yuki: (Yesterday, she was chasing me, and then the very next day, she’s outrightly ignoring me? DX) *looks at Sae*

Sae: *flirting with Sayaka* Sayaka-chan~! Look at me~! 

Sayaka: Ugh… Don’t disturb me. I’m doing bench… presses! > . < *doing bench presses*

Sae: Such a nice body~! 

Sayaka: Sigh… Why are you acting like that today? Don’t tell me, You broke up with Yukirin? > . >

Sae: Quite the contrary. She broke up with me… > . >

Sayaka: Blame it all on your time management. = . =

Sae: *whispers: Not my fault that I was preparing something for her…*

Sayaka: *sigh* Too late. – _ –

*Doc Watanabe (Mayu wearing Doc cosplay) arrives*

Mayu: Mamarin, what’s wrong? o_o

Yuki: N-nothing, Mayu. ^^

Sae: Oops! Almost time! Gonna prepare for my flight to Shanghai later. *sigh* – _ –

Sayaka: So you really accepted the Team Kaigai offer? o_o

Yuki: (S-she’s leaving later? W-wait… Why do I feel like this? > . < )

Sae: Not that I can do anything, right? – _ – Hafta go. Bye. *leaves* *accidentally drops a box*

Yuki: *gets the box* What’s this? o_o

Sayaka: Oop…sie… – _ –

Yuki: Hmm? o_o

Sayaka: Open the box and no explanations would be needed. – _ –

Yuki: *opens box* O _ O! *sees a ring* .__. *sees something engraved on it* ‘To my eternal love, Yukirin…’ Then this means… o_o

Sayaka: The reason she’s always working late is because of that ring right there. It cost her an arm and a leg. – _ –

Yuki: I… I gotta stop her! > . <

Hours later…

Narita Airport…

Sae: *looks back* Good bye, guys! *checks her bag* o_o … O_O

Umeda: Hmm? What’s wrong, Sae? o_o

Sayaka: *grins slightly* Let’s try finding it in your bags, Sae. we might find it there. 

Yuttan: *figured out Sayaka’s plan* I agree…

Umeda: *figured it out* You guys are so… evil… = =

After 10 minutes…

Sae: AH! SCREW THAT! It’s just a ring owned by no one! > . < Bye, guys! > . >

Yuki: Stop right there! >///>

Sae: Y-yuki… o_o

Yuki: *shows her left hand’s ring finger* >///>

Sae: Y-you’re wearing it… > >

Yuki: S-sorry for misunderstanding you. I… I want you back. >///>

Sae: Y-yuki…! ; . ;

Yuki: *embraces Sae* Come back here, okay? ; ^ ;

Sae: Un! 


Drabble #6 – AKB48 / SKE48 / NMB48 / SNH48 ( SaeYuki )

2 May

Amara Bilqis’s SaeYuki drabble request…

“Her side, My side…”

Yuki side…

Yuki: *stalks Sae* >///>

Sae: *looks for someone* – _ – *sigh* She’s not here, eh? – ___ –

Yuki: (Is she looking for Mayuyu?) o_o … (I knew it. She’s in love with Mayuyu. Meaning… I can’t confess whatever I’m feeling for her. It’ll destroy my friendship with Mayuyu…) OTL

Sae side…

Sae: *looks for someone* – _ – *sigh* She’s not here, eh? – ___ – (How can I confess to Yuki now? >/// . >

Sae: I’m gonna tell her the truth. *gulps* >///>

Yuki side…

Sae: I’m gonna tell her the truth. *gulps* > . >

Yuki: (Tell me about her relationship with Mayuyu? I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance against Mayuyu in terms of beauty…) Sigh… I’m just… Gonna go home now to soothe my broken heart… *on the verge of tears* ; _ ;

Paruru: *sees Yuki* Yukirin-senpai, Sae was looking for you. o_o

Yuki: I know. They’re gonna tell me something bout their relationship. – -‘

Paruru: Huh? Are you sure? What I heard was quite… (REALLY DIFFERENT, YUKIRIN-SENPAI. ==’ ) different from what you heard. o_o

Yuki: Then what is it all about? = =

Paruru: Don’t ask. *sigh* (Why are my senpais all blockheads? = = ) *pushes Yuki to the room where Mayu and Sae is* – . –

Mayu: *sees Yuki* UWO~ MAMARIN~!

Paruru: Mayuyu-senpai, Aki-P wants to talk to us. ^^

Mayu: Oh… Bye, Mamarin! Be careful with that Pimp! *leaves with Paruru*

-A moment of silence…-

Yuki: So… What were you… Going to tell me? >///>

Sae: Yuki… I… >///>

Yuki: (I know I’ll only drown in the Friendone after this but…) Oh yeah… I also wanted to tell you something… >///>

Sae: I see… Then you go first! >///>

Yuki: No, you go first! >///>

Sae: AH! I KNOW! Let’s just say it in the same time!

Yuki: *looking at Sae’s smiling face* O///O … > . > U-ugh… Y-yeah…

Sae: Se~no!

Sae: Yuki…

Yuki: S-sae…

Sae and Yuki: I LOVE YOU! >//////> U-un…

Sae: *kisses Yuki*

Yuki: O///O


Yuki: I love you too… ^///^



Drabble #4 – SKE48 ( WMatsui )

2 May

Jaith Tsunami’s WMatsui request…

Matsui Residence…

Jurina: *sitting on le couch* RE~NA~! *childish tantrums* I want my kiss nau! > . <

Rena: *pendant: POP* Jurina… I don’t want to go to jail, okay? = = *sets up dinner table*

Jurina: I’ll protect you from those creepy policemen! > . <

Rena: No, Jurina. I don’t think you can. = = *continues setting up table*

Jurina: *stands up then plays with Rena’s right sleeve* I said I want my kiss now! 

Rena: *ignores* = = *sets up table*

Jurina: RE~NA~CHA~N~! > . <

Rena: = =*

Jurina: MA~TSU~I~! RE~NA~CHA~N~! > . <

Rena: = =**

Jurina: GE~KI~KA~RA~CHA~N~! > . <

Rena: *pendant: ROCK! * *kisses Jurina passionately*

Jurina: *shoves Rena off* R-rena-chan! N-not that hard! > . <

Rena: You wanted a kiss… I give you one… You’re entering the world of pain now, kid… *creepy laugh*




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